Saturday, March 26, 2011

A seriously awesome junior football club.

We had a committee get together tonight and it was great. There were at least 9 families (maybe more), heaps of kids and it was just awesome (maybe I'm watching too much of How I Met Your Mother).

First was a meeting which took a little more than an hour and solved lots of niggly issues, and will get lots of equipment.

Then the BBQ went on, I wasn't hungry so didn't eat dinner, but there were lovely salads, meats, bread etc.

Ryan was chillaxed most of the time, the Becks have a very steep home and lots of edges which could be fell off, so he was held most of the time, he played the piano for a bit (not yet musical)/

Managed to chat to some new and old friends. Everyone was enquiring how I was going and were shocked to hear only a week to go.

Made the most amazing desserts - Tiramisu and a jelly/fruit/custard thing. They should be all polished off now. Very proud of my tiramisu, a bit fiddly to make the cream but easy easy easy. Not a cook thing, just an assemble.

Got home close to 9.20pm, changed Ryan's nappy whilst he was asleep and hopefully he'll been down for count until the morning. Poor little fella is teething and is currently cutting molars :(

Tomorrow is a trial game for AFL starting at 8.30am (for Jamie), I will probably go closer to Mark's start time, then head out to the airport to pick up my mother- in-law, who I am actually really looking forward to seeing. Will be nice to have a helper around the house. Not ones that sit on the computer.

Will have to do a vacuum int he morning, but am 90% prepared. Was very shocked to see a 4 week old baby this evening, she was SO tiny and is now the size Ryan was when he was born! Holy shit newborn babies are small.

Really wish I had my camera this evening, would have been nice to have some photographic memories of such a nice night.

Good night, hopefully will report that I have had this baby soon. 39 weeks is plenty cooked enough.

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