Monday, March 07, 2011

How about one with photos... for a change?

My two gorgeous boys, Mark was watching telly and Ryan was in a relaxed post sleep state, so they sat on the sofa together. Pretty cute eh?

Today I'm baking some cinnamon scrolls. They are something I've been wanting to make for.... years actually. I've got the dough in the breadmaker at the moment, that should take about 1.5 hours, then I roll it out, fill it, let it rise and the bake in time for Marko to devour for afternoon tea.

I've had a huge "nesting" weekend, as I mentioned earlier. Yesterday was a bit of a continuation of it. Mark had a birthday party Nerf War which he really enjoyed (and so did Jamie), Ryan and I hung out in the play ground part of the park with Terese and he was delightfully self sufficient. Crawling all over the place, only tried to eat one gumnut. He was so good.

I'm pretty bad at my photo taking at the moment, the photos are all blurry and that is quite depressing, its a fully automatic digi camera, so why are they blurry. My feelings are I'm not doing the "half press" due to time constraints, my subject keeps moving, hence they are dark.

"I'll look after your iPhone for you Mum"
He's obsessed with that thing (aren't we all?), he can put the music on, look through the photos... clever nerdy chap.

Testing out his little brother's new cot. This is a loaner from the lovely Laura, she originally forgot to give us the metal rails that let the side go up and down, so we fashioned some from some we had here (sometimes it pays to be married to a hoarder, oops I mean storer.) Anyway Ryan showed us that the lighter weight metal was indeed not good enough and we have since got the correct poles.

Mr Independent. I want to feed myself. Here he is eating some tuna casserole with mashed potato. It was quite clean. I helped scoop the food onto the spoon, and he held the bowl and the spoon. He really enjoyed this casserole too.. super easy for those who want to try it.

Super easy, super yum tuna bake.
1 large tin of tuna, drained.
1 tin of tomatoes with onion and capsicum.
3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1 cup breadcrumbs
Any "dying" vegies in your fridge or alternatively some frozen veg.
Mix all together and top with mashed potato.
Bake until hot - I guessed, a little over half an hour at 200. This was enough for my family to have 2 meals from. And everyone liked it, which is often a challenge.


Sharon said...

That baby is too cute and your big boy looks so much like you :) I would just about kill for a good cinnamon scroll...hope they are yummy!

Rosemary said...

Just love the photos. Golly you produce beautiful boys, keep it up. One boy is yours and the other is Jamies, who is going to own the next one?