Friday, March 04, 2011


and Christy are not really friends.

I want to be like a real girl and enjoy shopping. But to enjoy shopping I think you have to buy stuff and I just can't.

It was suggested by a work colleague to go to Pulp for shoes. I'm not buying shoes at the moment due to oedema, but for after the baby is born, I'd like some winter boots to wear to make me feel cool. (I was going to link in their website, but OMG they don't have one.) Anyway this friend said their prices were pretty good and they often have buy one get one half price sales. Well the cheapest I saw was $79 and the boots that I would have liked were $140. I just can't do that.

I don't know how my weight loss will go post baby#3 so looking at clothes is a loss. I would like to dress cool-y like Rachel, but feel I will look like mutton dressed up as lamb. Rachel is a good 10 years younger than me. I have never been a thrifter, I'm not a sewer (to re-style stuff that is a bit too old fashioned). I'd love to wear dresses but never have. I've never been a thin person, my boys are not supportive of any change in my style (that's the husband included). But I think I'll try. I'm sick of the boring clothes I wear. They are not flattering, not interesting and yes they are comfortable, sometimes they are just plain embarrassing.

Just because I'm a stay at home mother for the time being, doesn't mean I can't look nice. This is gong to be a challenge, but one I hope I can fulfil.

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