Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm having a baby.. within the week.

Now for the back story. Went to the hospital today for my appointment, saw Dr Butt again (she's really nice, shame about the name) I've seen her three times now, and she remembered my story, which is lovely. We discussed my medical issues - RLS, insomnia, reflux and generally being 39 weeks preggers. She took my BP, which has remained consistent for the entire pregnancy 115/70 (or there abouts), she measured my tummy which is perfectly proportional to my gestational stage, listened to the heart beat.

That appeared to be that.

She asked if I had any other questions.... Yes, actually I do, how far along do "they" let you go before intervening.

Hmmm she said, 41.5weeks which is 10 days over!

OMG, NO. Margie is here already, I can't still be two weeks away, she'll be home by then.

I recall Kellie telling me recently that "they" don't do inductions on women who have had C-sections as its too harsh on the scar. Dr Butt disagreed, yes we do inductions and quite frequently. There is the option of an Atad catheter to dilate the cervix, mechanical "breaking of the waters", prostoglandins (which she advised against as once its there they can't undo it) and oxytocin drip. She dashed off to consult with the consultant who said yes he's happy to authorise an induction via Atad catheter at term!

Which means Sunday!
This Sunday!!

I have to call the delivery suite at 2pm on Sunday (unless baby is already here) and they will organise for me to come in for the catheter, can go home with it if I wish, or stay. Up to me, maybe.

So that means the Storer's will have a new son by the 4th April.

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