Thursday, March 03, 2011

The R Word

Do you know what it is?

Do you think it's offensive?

Retard or retarded.

I can't stand when I hear it. There is a girl at work who uses it in jest about herself quite frequently. I wish I had told her my feelings about the word. Can't eliminate a word if people don't know there is an issue with it.

There is a big push in America to eradicate the R word. Today is "the day". I had written a big post about it earlier, and when trying to download the graphic the computer froze and I lost it.

Unfortunately I say the F word a bit. But its not denigrating someone's intelligence. I'd never say the N word either - cos it just doesn't make sense. How completely alike Mark and Daniel are (Mark is pure white and Daniel is almost a blue/black) but they are both just boys... Sheena has issues, I'm not saying she doesn't. This is the most inspired piece of writing here, I will send it off to Jocelyn, for her to read. For those who don't click, its a blog that I follow about a woman who's older sister has Down Syndrome and she has adopted a daughter also with Down Syndrome. She is talking about her sister's limitations and where she excels. Its heart-warming. I'd love to be part of a solution.

Take a pledge to NEVER use the R word, or better still..... just never say it.

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