Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Today is going to be boring. That is good though. Excitement at this stage means labour, I'm not quite ready.

Making tons of sandwiches for Mark's lunches.

Making chicken salad / potato salad for tea.

Felt the need for more balls in the ball pit. Ryan has an awesome ball pit given to him by Arron, Tara and Chelsey. Trouble is there was only about 20 balls, which through natural selection (otherwise known as Mark throwing them around) has reduced to about 10, that is quite boring. So today, I went to KMart and purchased another

100 more

Probably a stupid thing to do, but he loves his ball pit. More tidying up for me.

Today is also the commencement of the junior football season. Training today!
Goodbye to all spare time. Hopefully I'll feel the desire to go as well. Quite lonely here at home.

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