Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something New

Did you notice the new layout? I like the colours, and our banner ad? Pretty swish isn't it?

So if you, or ANYONE you know needs a website, please think of our lovely, helpful, business MyNetHost. It is run by the most enthusiastic webhoster in the universe (yes my dearest husband).

Interesting stuff from today:
Ryan decided he would take his nappy off whilst in bed, and the peed all over his bed. HMMMMM.... not happy with this development, maybe I had it on too tight? Or he was just lying there awake for too long, needed something to do, so decided undoing the tabs was just the ticket.

Mark slept in! So I had to drive him for the first time this year. Traffic is awful between here and Waratah. He said his bus gets stuck in a traffic jam most mornings, there needs to be traffic lights at that corner I'm talking about... corner of Blue Gum Road and the one that goes to Wallsend, its a road I travel on almost daily, but have no idea what its called.

Far too tired, going to lie down.

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