Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Thankfully not a car accident.

Mark's attitude and behaviour. It is as changeable as ... I was going to say the weather but as its consistently hot here, that's not gonna work. Lets just say its changeable.

He even approached me this morning with 10 minutes to go before the bus arrived to say "I might just finish off my history homework" so with an explanation of what chronological means and why the centuries are called what they are, homework got finished. The HUGE science assignment got finished last night - its due on Wednesday. His music assignment was handed in early.

He's pleasant, co-operative and really really wants money! If that's his driving influence, I don't particularly care. I'm not giving him more pocket money than he deserves, but am happy to pay it if the chores are done.

* I know I've used this pic before, but its so cute.*

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