Friday, March 25, 2011

School days

After weeks of stressing out about everything to do with this blasted Science Assignment, I give the result... can you see that in the second picture - 55/60.

How that mark has increased a certain 12 almost 13 year old boy's confidence. Its allowed him to think that with just a little bit of effort, he can achieve what is required and a whole lot more. The pressure I put on him to use his own words, not to copy, has paid off. He's proud of himself.

A facebook friend - Hannah - said she was marking high school assignments last night and actually wrote on one child's work, "I have google too"

Trying to instil in him a bit of self respect. He is much better behaved at football, he was one of the "bad" kids, not listening, but got some positive feedback from his coach on Wednesday has made him feel good about himself.

That is what my dearest son needed - PRAISE.

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