Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Not literally. Thankfully I know of no train accidents from overnight. I'm talking human train-wrecks. My current tv obsession is:

People who have let their lives be out of control and stuff gets piled up. Its a mental illness to do with compulsive shopping and not being able to get "stuff" go. It makes for amazing tv. Several of the people on the show have lost custody of their children until their house is fixed and they can make no inroads into it themselves, so their get professional help. At least this show takes a stab at rehabilitation of the hoarder, there is no point in just "cleaning / clearing it up" as it doesn't solve the problem. There is a home in Bondi, the owners have hoarding issues and the council have cleaned it 14 times in 17 years... have they fixed the problem? You can read about it here. I like that Hoarders allows the hoarder some control, so they can help themselves.

2. Lindsay Lohan / Britney Spears
These two girls are proof that you don't put your child into show business. Too much too soon. Feel they are above normality. Both have problems with drugs and possibly mental illness (if my gossip mags are to be believed). I feel the *media* is hounding them for a suicide. They excitement that would follow a suicide attempt or better still a successful one is more than they could stand. This is a situation that I call "pushing into a corner until they kill themselves" Awful, just awful. Especially that Britney has children.

3. Now for the latest one: Charlie Sheen.
Eww and doesn't he look awful in this picture from TMZ. BTW, I love TMZ. I had such a crush on Charlie as a teenager. I was fully on the Sheen brother's bandwagon. Emilio Esteves was cute, but Charlie... better. I watched Young Guns and ummm can't remember other stuff. Never did watch Wall Street, or the war movie he was in. I liked Emilio's style of films better. Now he's gone down the alcoholic, drugs, sex, violence and delusions of grandeur. Are they delusions? He's had 10 years in Two and a Half Men where he's getting paid more money than anyone else in Hollywood to play, what is essentially himself. The character even has his name. Jon Cryer's character has a different name, but Charlie is Charlie. His character isn't even likable. He uses women, rude to his family, drinks and smirks. He doesn't even appear to work, I believe the character is a jingle writer. I've watched the show, I do enjoy Jon Cryer's character, more funny and interesting, but mainly watch it because nothing else is on. Can't have Mark watch it, would need to explain too many things. Now we are just waiting for the suicide..... Oh of course, he has at least 5 children.... gotta share those dodgy genes around.


On a little side note: my computer spell checker is now saying "movie" is spelled wrong. Its suggestions are MOVE, MOVING, MOVABLE, SOVIET, MONIES. Weird eh?

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